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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Framed. They say there's a F1H2O race going on, but I'm actually here for the view :) Morning light.
Oh, hello there! Sometimes   s i m p l e   is the best. Ah pois.
Summer in the city. Linear rings on the way! It's calling for me...
Let's sail away... Linear rings in the making! 💍 📏 🔨 Over the rooftops.
Bye Bye. Walking home. Let's pray. 🙏 🌻
Getting all dressed up to travel to a new stockist in USA 😊 💍 ✈ Grey summer day outside... colorful relaxing day inside 💛 🍊 🌻 Colors from last week.
After lunch walk. 🐤 🔅 And after another grey morning, looks like it's Summer again 😊 🔅 💛 Working on some Versus designs, at @tincallab.
Red. Yellow. Mess at @tincallab 🌿 🌼 working on some Flora designs!

Chegou a hora de dizer adeus ao querido mês de Agosto e olá a Setembro - o mês do Outono, da Feira do Livro do Porto, dos recomeços, do nosso primeiro Open Day no Tincal lab (estejam atentos!) e, para mim, se tudo correr bem, da tão esperada viagem de férias deste ano...
Bom Setembro para todos!

It's time to say goodbye to August and hello to September - the month of Autumn, Book Fair of Porto, new beginnings, our first Open Day at Tincal lab and, for me, hopefully, of the so much awaited holiday travel of the year...
Happy September everyone!


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