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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

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Para a última entrevista do ano trago-vos uma ilustradora que vos irá encantar... Joanna Concejo nasceu na Polónia, mas é em França que vive e se dedica sobretudo à ilustração de livros infantis. O seu trabalho é suave e delicado, de uma beleza subtil e introspectiva, que transporta mensagens e sonhos.
Parece-me a maneira ideal de terminar mais um ano de entrevistas e acrescentar um pouco de magia à época natalícia que se aproxima!

For the last interview of the year I bring you an illustrator who will delight you... Joanna Concejo was born in Poland, but lives and works in France, mostly dedicated to the illustration of children's books. Her work is soft and delicate, of a subtle and introspective beauty that seems to carry messages and dreams.
It seems to me the ideal way to end another year of interviews and add a little magic to the holiday season that's approaching!

Joanna Concejo

Tell us...
1. who is Joanna Concejo?
I was born in Poland 42 years ago, today I live and work in France. I’m an illustrator, mostly working for children books, but also work for newspapers and design projects such as ceramic or textiles.

2. have you become what you wanted to be when you grew up?
I may say that I’m in the path that I choose and also that I would like to keep going in that direction.

3. what inspires you to create?
Inspiration could come form the most irrelevant event or a moment that I’m not looking for, then just happens, sometimes could be something I heard or a word I read or a scene at the metro. Sometimes I get trapped in my daily life then it’s hard to find inspirations, but I let the moment go and they finally come up.

Share with us...
4. your artistic media of choice.
I draw, then my medium is always pencils and paper, sometimes colored pencils, but I also work with collage, which is again paper and clue.
I like to used papers that they had been used before or they have little marks or stains, is like paper which had life before I use them. When I work with design for ceramic I draw with an special pencil and then I draw directly to the object I work on it.

5. the favorite corner of your workspace.
I don’t have a special place to work, I can work almost everywhere I can find a table and a chair and then I like to work in a calm environment.

6. a day at work.
I don’t have a special routine, but I always try to put me to work in the morning and then take advantage of using the time at the most. I can’t work with artificial light then I have to use time and light as best as I can.
But at night I play with pencils developing ideas and drawings for the next day.

7. a business tip.
I think the lack of business ideas is my weak point and maybe I should work on it.

8. an advice to your younger you.
Always do what you thing is right and what you love, sometimes the path seems hard but it always gets better.

9. a plan to the future.
I have no plans for the future, I have an idea of what I’m going to do in the next couples of years, but you never know, things could always change. I would like to have a bigger place in order to be able to work in another scale, and also work in installations and sculpture, I would like to have a garden and make the living only from my work as an illustrator.

Let us know...
10. a personality that influences you.
Alexandra David-Need.

11. a book you think everyone should read.
I don’t know what everyone else should read but as far as for me I lately enjoyed reading Andrzej Stasiuk In the road to Babadag or Taksim.

12. an unforgettable movie. 
Stalker by Andrei Tarkowski.

13. a music that couldn't miss in the perfect playlist.
Now I may say, Sigur Rós.

14. a city to fall in love with.
I’m not a city person but I may admit that I have a great love for Varsovia.

15. a favorite food and drink.
I love home made food, like my grandmother used to cook in the country side back in Poland, stuffed meet, potatoes from Poland, and then I love tea and beer sometimes.

16. a guilty pleasure.
I love beignets from Poland and those which have a rose marmalade inside with a lot of sugar covering...


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