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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

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Petra Podnarčuk é a designer gráfica transformada em joalheira, responsável pela marca notAjewelry.
Croata, de boa-disposição contagiante e extremamente criativa, Petra assume a beleza da imperfeição da peça única nas suas criações originais, que combinam o metal com a cor e outros materiais alternativos, de uma forma pouco convencional.
Leiam a entrevista e admirem o seu fantástico trabalho!

Petra Podnarčuk is a graphic designer turned into the jeweler responsible for the brand notAjewelry.
Croatian, with a contagious good mood and extremely creative, Petra assumes the beauty of imperfection of the unique piece in her original creations, combining metal with color and other alternative materials in such an unconventional way.
Read the interview and admire her amazing work!

notAjewelry | Petra Podnarčuk

Tell us...
1. who is behind notAjewelry?
Behind notAjewelry stands Petra Podnarčuk – me, a graphic designer who extended the creativity into jewelry making and that's what I've been enjoying for the last two years. Lucky me! Brown hair and not tall at all. Likes to travel (who doesn't?), cook and play with ingredients, in love with spring and rain. Loves swimming and watering the garden.

2. have you become what you wanted to be when you grew up?
I think I have. But the process is still going on.

3. what inspires you to create?
That would be everything in the moment. 

Share with us...
4. your artistic media of choice.
I mostly use silver. Its ability to each time gain a different shade of grey or white just pushes me to explore more. And it makes a perfect match with “alternative” materials such as fabric, wool, metal color...

5. the favorite corner of your workspace.
My workbench. Woody, grey, massive, and always in mess. Piles of brushes, pieces of fabric, rests of copper – it makes it look more inspiring. 

6. a day at work.
Early start. Usually with e-mails, and all kinds of correspondence you can think of. Work on a started piece, create a new one... combinations, sketches, taking photos, finishing and preparing. Without rules and definitions, sometimes the day passes and all I did was calculating, building and destroying. A never ending fairytale.

7. a business tip.
Be spontaneous.

8. an advice to your younger you.
Just do it!

9. a plan to the future.
Deepen the skills, learn some more techniques, "meet" all sorts of interesting materials…

Let us know...
10. a personality that influences you.
My soulmate. Master and Mister :D.

11. a book you think everyone should read.
"dance dance dance" by Haruki Murakami.

12. an unforgetable movie.
Apocalypse Now + Thelma & Louise.

13. a music that couldn't miss in the perfect playlist.
Dark deep drum n' bass.

14. a city to fall in love with.

15. a favorite food and drink.
Watermelon, water.

16. a guilty pleasure.
Pleasure without guilt?


  1. Great to know more about the person behind notAjewelry!! One of my most favorite artist!! Really love her work!!! :)

  2. Wow, I didn't know her! Her work is amazing!

  3. A great artist!!!! I 'm in love with her creations but love the person as well!!! :-)

  4. Lovely to know more about the person behind these adorable creations. So talented! Love all your work!


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