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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

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Estamos ainda nos últimos dias de Verão, mas o anúncio do início das aulas e as noites mais frescas já fazem pensar no conforto das roupas mais quentes e aconchegantes... quando olho para a loja da marca mosgos, fico com vontade de começar a armazenar peças bonitas e feitas à mão para os tempos que aí vêm!
E assim a nossa série de entrevistas está de regresso, depois da pausa de Verão: conheçam a Egle, uma arquitecta Lituana, que se perdeu de amores por Lisboa... e pela costura.

We're still in the last days of summer, but the announcement of the start of school and the cooler nights already make us think about the comfort of warm and welcoming clothing... when I look at the shop by mosgos, I just want to start storing beautiful handmade knitted pieces for the times that are coming!
And so our interview series is back after the summer break: get to know Egle, a Lithuanian architect, who fell in love with Lisbon... and knitting.

Egle Bazaraite | mosgos

Tell us...
1. who is behind mosgos?
Mostly it is just one person - North loving northern Egle in the South. Sometimes some more fascinating ladies collaborating with their items like illustrations by Justina Klybaite and suspenders by Laura Rose.

2. have you become what you wanted to be when you grew up?
Well, first I wanted to me Mom. I am not, but maybe someday I will. Then I wanted to be pharmacist - in fact mostly for aesthetic reasons. Then I wanted to become an architect (I don't know myself where this idea came from) and I am! Since architecture is about everything, seems that I look at knitting as some kind of architectural project - it is about construction, material qualities and durability. And aesthetics, of course, aesthetics!

3. what inspires you to create?
A combination of having time and a lack of time. Then thinking, dreaming, travelling, walking and being with people I love or at least like.

Share with us...
4. your media of choice
Internet and conversation.

5. the favorite corner of your workspace
My workspace is the city! As an architect I adore being in the construction site seeing my ideas being materialised. While knitting, I love working surrounded by conversation by the dinner table.

6. a day at work
Days are different, but lately I am reading and writing for my investigation in architecture, and only in the evenings I manage to dedicate my time for sketching the ideas and knitting them. However, ideas for knitted pieces appear at any time of the day, and I have this little notebook where I draw the ideas and put some notes. I find this essential for being able to come back to these ideas later and develop them.

7. a business tip 
Think about the person that you want your buyer to be and think why he/she would buy your product. 

8. an advice to your younger you 
Be brave and be sensitive!

9. a plan to the future 
Understanding better the wool features and qualities by going down to the basic work with wool like carding and spinning, and try to produce my own yarn.

Pick one...
10. personality that influences you
First and foremost - my Man

11. book you think everyone should read
I don't think that there is anything that everyone should do... Tastes are so different! However: I liked very much a postmodern novel by Marta Tikkanen A Red Riding Hood, that is present in my way of being since I read it some 10 years ago.

12. unforgetable movie
Choosing one is a difficult task... I loved Barry Lyndon as well as the rest of Stanley's Kubrick films. And I want to mention as well La guerre du feu (Quest for fire), directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud with participation of Desmond Morris.

13. city to fall in love with
I love Vilnius so much - a capital of Lithuania.

14. favorite food and drink
homemade mixture of mushrooms and créme fraiche accompanied by bread from Alentejo. And coffee with light milk of coconut and rice.

15. guilty pleasure
Unfortunately, olives are my guilty pleasure lately - I get pimples if I eat more than one or two...


  1. I love her work and it was really nice to know more about Egle!
    Beautiful blog too

  2. Great to know more about you in this interview Egle. :)

  3. Egle always stroke me as a very different person, just by looking at her work and internet presence. This interview is a closer approach to the "self" behind Mosgos. I specially like her constant conexion and search for old ways in her tímeless, simple designs.

  4. A great interview! :)


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