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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

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São heróis de bolso, animais amigáveis, personagens de contos de fadas e histórias de encantar. Ricardo Rodrigues cria em papel e em pano um universo feito a pensar nos mais novos, mas que delicia também os mais velhos... senão vejam!

There are pocket heroes, friendly animals, fairy tale characters and enchanting stories. Ricardo Rodrigues creates in paper and fabric an universe built thinking in the younger people, but that also delights the older ones... have a look!

Ricardo Rodrigues

Tell us...
1. who is Ricardo Rodrigues?
 A designer, a illustrator, a doll maker, a dreamer...

2. have you become what you wanted to be when you grew up?
 I did many of the things I dreamed of but still some to accomplish.

3. what inspires you to create?
 I must say, almost everything. I am a very visual person. I enjoy seeing beautiful things.

Share with us...
4. your artistic media of choice.
I don’t have just one. I don’t like doing the same thing over and over. I love switching materials. I love my bic black pen for drawing, fabrics and accessories for making dolls, acrylic paint for painting wood, and so on…

5. the favorite corner of your workspace.
I am starting to build a work space now, because I never had one. I always worked at home, on the sofa or the kitchen table and that’s all right for me.

6. a day at work.
I work as a designer for an environmental company, so it´s like a 9 to 6 day job. At the end of the day and on weekends I “work for me” as I like to say. On Saturdays I open my little store on the afternoon which is called BE LIGHT – Ideias Luminosas and where I show and sell some of mine and other artists work.

7. a business tip.
Work, work, work and have fun with it.

8. an advice to your younger you.
Stop trying to control everything.

9. a plan to the future.
Just dedicate myself to the kind of work I like to do.

Let us know...
10. a personality that influences you.
I don’t have one in particular. I am very eclectic, so I am influenced by many visions.

11. a book you think everyone should read.
At least one of Saramago’s books and one of Fernando Pessoa’s Poems.

12. an unforgetable movie.
So many… Recently, Life of Pi.

13. a music that couldn't miss in the perfect playlist.
O Estrangeiro from Caetano Veloso.
It´s a strange music that fascinates me and I never get tired of it.

14. a city to fall in love with.
Lisbon and so many others. Cities Fascinate me.

15. a favorite food and drink.
Traditional Portuguese food, sushi, Italian food, Indian food… I love food.
The drink depends on the food. I love natural fruit juice.

16. a guilty pleasure.
Sweats! Love them but shouldn´t eat so many.


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