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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

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Yara Kono nasceu em São Paulo, no Brasil, mas foi no Planeta Tangerina que ela criou o seu mundo de fantasia, ao ilustrar deliciosos livros infantis. Leiam para saber mais sobre o seu percurso, o seu trabalho e os seus gostos!

Yara Kono was born in São Paulo, Brazil, but it was in Planeta Tangerina [Tangerine Planet] that she created her world of fantasy, as illustrator of children's books. Read the interview to know more about her work and tastes!

Yara Kono

Tell us...
1. who is Yara Kono?
I am an ordinary person (I presume...), who likes ordinary things... like a caffe latte with foam, the smell of lavender, going to the movies... and drawing, of course.

2. have you become what you wanted to be when you grew up?
No. I always liked to draw, but I never wanted to be an illustrator. It happened naturally... and when I was in my thirties.

3. what inspires you to create?
The routine inspires me; a trip, socializing with friends and family, living near the ocean...

Share with us...
4. your media of choice.
Newspaper (in paper) and internet.

5. the favorite corner of your workspace.
I love the atelier backyard (on warmer days) and our aromatic plants in the front yard.

6. a day at work.
A good day at work is a quiet day, when the work flows well without telephone calls and other little stresses.

7. a business tip.
I suggest having a good visual culture, trying to be unique in what you do.

8. an advice to your younger you.
Be perseverant and do what you like.

9. a plan to the future.
I don’t usually plan a distant future. In the near future, I want to ilustrate 2 new books this year, and visit my family in São Paulo. In short, to continue doing what I like...

Pick one...
10. personality that influences you.
I don't know... maybe my mother and some friends?

11. book you think everyone should read.
Brave New World, Aldous Huxley.

12. unforgetable movie.
Nobody knows, Hirokazu Koreeda.

13. city to fall in love with.

14. favorite food and drink.
Sushi and tomato juice.

15. guilty pleasure.


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