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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

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Ela vive em Atenas, na Grécia, um dos países mais cheios de história que eu tanto gostaria de visitar um dia. Ela gosta de rir, adora gatos e cria uma linha de joalharia orgânica e delicada  inspirada na natureza, no amor e no mar... apresento-vos Nafsika!
>> E para além de ficarem a conhecer melhor o processo de trabalho desta artista, habilitem-se a ganhar uma das suas criações num fantástico giveaway... Leiam até ao final para saber como participar e boa sorte!

She lives in Athens, Greece, a country rich in History that I really wish to visit one day. She enjoys a good laughter, loves cats and creates an organic and delicate line of jewelry inspired in nature, love and the sea... I present you Nafsika!
>> And besides getting to know better the working process of this artist, you have the chance of winning one of her lovely creations in an amazing giveaway... Read until the end to know how to enter and good luck!


Tell us...
1. who is Nafsika?
Hello, I am Nafsika. Born and raised in Athens, Greece. Named after a heroine of the Odyssey. I talk loud, laugh hard and cry easily. I love animals (especially cats), nature and art supplies. I make jewelry.

2. have you become what you wanted to be when you grew up?
When I was a kid I wanted to become an Astronaut or a Detective... So no I haven't :)
 On the other hand I was always making stuff and my favorite past time was drawing. 

3. what inspires you to create?
Nature is what inspires me the most. A walk in a forest or a beach, provides me with little treasures and invaluable stimuli. I love collecting seeds and flowers and in the summer time I spend quite a lot of time picking pebbles and sea shells from the beach.

Share with us...
4. your artistic media of choice.
To create my jewelry I use the lost wax method. It's an ancient process dating back to ancient Greece. I love it because it's versatile and allows me to make items with great detail. I also love photography but I have neglected it for some time due to lack of time.

5. the favorite corner of your workspace.
My workshop is a small spare room of our house which I have transformed into a workshop. My favorite part of it is my work bench. It where I spend most of my free time. 

6. a day at work.
A day at work is full. I wake up at 7:30, after breakfast  I check my orders, answer emails and if there is time I take some pictures of my jewelry. Then I am off to my office job. I return home at 6 and at about 7 I start working on my orders or making new things. After that I am yet again online to do some social networking and check my etsy shop.

7. a business tip.
Work hard. Don't give up at times of low inspiration. Just be persistent. If you are facing a low season sales wise, try new things, create some more and spend some time reading on tips to become better at promoting your creations.

8. an advice to your younger you.
I would advise me to believe more in my self and my art and not waste time at things I didn't like. Also not to worry so much!

9. a plan to the future.
Be healthy, be content and keep doing jewelry.

Let us know...
10. a personality that influences you.
The person that has influenced me a lot in my life was my grandmother. She believed in me and supported my decisions. She has passed away many years ago but I am still influenced by her life and the things she taught me.

11. a book you think everyone should read.
It's a bit of a cliche really but I would have to say  The Little Prince . It's my all time favorite.

12. an unforgettable movie.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

13. a city to fall in love with.
I am in love with the city I live in, Athens. It has so many interesting places to visit, little shops with pretty much everything you might wish and so much history!

14. a favorite food and drink.
My favorite food is stuffed tomatoes with rice accompanied by feta cheese. My favorite drink is water... nothing compares to it!

15. a guilty pleasure.
Ice cream....any time of the year... almost every flavor!

giveaway time!

This is the time to get to know your prize!
It's the Pine Cone necklace, featuring a tiny pine cone pendant in sterling silver, hanging from a plastic plated steel cord. This lovely piece was created using the lost wax technique, one of the most ancient ways to create jewelry, and is evaluated in $32. Click here to see more photos and check out all the details.

So... what do you have to do?
+ just leave a comment bellow!
+ you can have an extra chance to win by becoming a facebook fan of {the interview series}...
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Please, don't forget to let me know if you're a fan in your comment bellow so it can count for the giveaway, otherwise I will miss it.
The lucky winner will be announced on wednesday, June 5th, and contacted by email, so don't forget to also leave your name and contact. Good luck!

We had 25 comments and 53 entries in this giveaway.
random.org decided that the lucky winner is the number 42... congratulations alkistis! I'll be contacting you soon, I'm sure you'll love your lovely prize.
Thank you so much to all participants and new followers - not only for participating, but also for your kind words about the interview series and Nafsika's work!


  1. I just participated in a workshop of the lost wax technique last evening. So now I know wat Nafsika is talking about ;-)
    Great artist!

  2. Ohh she makes wonderful jewelry!
    I'd love to make a chance to win this....

  3. So beautiful interview!And I love nafsika's creations. are just adorable. and about her..she always smiles!

    Zina (zzacharaki@gmail.com)

    ps. Liked both fcb pages!

  4. I love Nafsika's work. She is a very talented artist and her pieces are amazing!

  5. Great artist and person!!!

    Also "like" the two pages.

  6. oh eu adoro pinhas!
    Quero! ;)

  7. I can confirm she loves to laugh and has a great sense of humor!! And she is a tiny bit obsessed with cats, just a tiny bit ;-)
    I'm a fan of the interview series and Nafsika of course.

  8. Such a beauty! Love Nafsika's work!!!

  9. I've liked The interview series and Nafsika Jewelry on FB.

  10. so beautiful works!!! I just discovered Nafsika's works and I'm so happy to this!
    I liked both pages ^_^

  11. My dear Nafsika I'll keep this advice close to my heart...
    ''I would advise me to believe more in my self and my art and not waste time at things I didn't like. Also not to worry so much!''

    Love your work!

  12. Now that's a girl who tells the truth about laughing. I also know some other incriminating stuff about her but I wont tell a soul, I promise.
    Like both pages!

  13. Great interview and her work is gorgeous.

  14. Wonderful interview + amazing pieces -- thank you for sharing :-)

    (we're fans of you both)

  15. Lindíssimo o trabalho dela! Claro que quero concorrer nesse sorteio de um colar Pine Cone (e sou fã do {the interview series}).

  16. Nafsika's work is just lovely!!!
    Liked both pages

  17. Liked both pages! Good luck to everybody!
    Persefoni Karvouni

  18. I love Nafsika's work!
    Liked both FB pages!

  19. What an inspirational interview... great work ! nafsika's work is adorable!Liked both pages :)... and my contact ( alki_gian@hotmail.com ) ..Thank u ..

  20. Hi!! I think the Pine Cone necklace is a piece of art and I'd love to win it!!!
    Liked both pages!!
    Katerina (katvassilopoulou@gmail.com)

  21. How lovely! i love Nafsika's work and I am already a fan! I am also a fan of interview series!

  22. Great interview, lovely work by Nafsika!
    Always fan of "The interview series"!
    (already liked both FB pages)

    Good luck everybody!!!

  23. aqui estou eu! mais um trabalho lindo!

  24. always with great work and great advices!! :)


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