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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

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Hoje apresento-vos um casal criativo que encontra no papel e na impressão tipográfica as grandes fontes de inspiração do seu trabalho. Portugueses, apaixonados pela natureza e influenciados pelo estilo vintage, João e Raquel criam de raiz os produtos da marca Arminho: projectam, ilustram, imprimem, fotografam... e o resultado é um conjunto original de cadernos, etiquetas e posters que apetece coleccionar. Ora vejam!

Today I present you a creative couple that finds in paper and letterpress the greatest sources of inspiration of their work. Portuguese, passionate for nature and influenced by vintage stationery, João and Raquel create from scratch the products of the brand Arminho: they design, illustrate, print, photograph... and the result is an original series of beautiful notebooks, labels and posters that one would like to collect. Have a look!


Tell us...
1. who is behind Arminho?
Behind Arminho is the couple Raquel and João, couple in work, love and life! We live in Caldas da Rainha a small city between the country and the sea, we have two cats Pipo and Captain Jójó. We graduated in Art and Design and we own a letterpress studio and a online Stationery Boutique callled Arminho. We print, we design, we illustrate, we photograph, we love what we do. We are in this adventure together for almost two years now!

2. have you become what you wanted to be when you grew up?
More or less! João never knew what he would like to be and Raquel wanted to be a Art teacher, but we guess that every children want to be free and happy and we have already accomplished that! One thing great about running your own business is that you can save a bit of time to make your child dreams come true, we both wanted to do what we love most and we are doing it!

3. what inspires you to create?
Nature and Portugal lovely weather! We are very inspired by vintage stationery, we are crazy about it! The paper, the designs and the printing techniques. Everything around us is inspiring, the seasons, living by the sea and the mountains, our cats and books, all of it! We do a lot of research before doing a illustration or a book design, we take creation very seriously and we guess that the combination is a bit of inspiration and  lot of hard work!

Share with us...
4. your media of choice.
We must say letterpress! That's our technique of choice, we also love paper, hunting for paper in old Paper Shops is our best way to pass a lovely afternoon :) We just love the texture, the edges slightly faded and the very thin papers in crazy colors, the materials and the techniques are very inspiring in our work, they very often dictate what the final product is going to be. Other thing is working with our hands, we try a lot to be away from the computer, most of our work is done by hand, the digital work is only made in the end, working the photos, listing things online, contacting with costumers, and thats already a lot!

5. the favorite corner of your workspace.
Our letterpress cabinets! They are a full world of possibilities, those tiny letters become our designs, isn't this magical? All the drawers with letters, symbols, numbers, all them worn out and used, they are beautiful, full of history and they are our best partners in work, is there that our work comes to life, without them our studio wouldn't even look like a studio, they are great pieces of furniture, every single time we see a letterpress cabinet on the Internet we drool!

6. a day at work.
Usually we wake up, take our breakfast and then we rush to work! First we take a look at our e-mails and what was going on in the world while we were asleep! We live by the Greenwich MT and most of our costumers are in the USA so there's a lot going on while we sleep :) Then it depends in the day of the week, usually we ship our orders on the Wednesday, in that morning we wrap up all our orders, we print the addresses we tape all the tubes and then we wait in a long queue at our post office! In the other days we read/search for inspiration to new designs, we photograph, we design new illustrations, there's a lot going on in the backstage!
But also we try to relax, to have good conversations behind a coffee table, to take walks and picnics by the sea, we also have time to enjoy lovely and healthy meals and to go shopping to our beautiful local fruits and vegetables market and off course flea markets.

7. a business tip.
Do something that you love, truly from the heart! That comes through the work, is very easy to notice when something is done with love and care or when something is only done to make some money, to appear to be something that that person is not, we guess that this is the thing about life lasting business and "the others". We are now facing a time where everyone is making something, and in this "DYI age" this is the best way to stand out, this is our best tip, try to find within your heart, your life something that will make you feel in the best of you when you are making it!

8. an advice to your younger you.
Please take care of the planet, this seems like the correct political answer but is not. We do take this very seriously, why buying something thats in a plastic package within another plastic package and another and another? We sincerely believe that the younger ones will be more conscious and responsible with the planet, although the economical crisis is taking the spotlight from the environment issue sooner or later we all must do something. We do a daily effort to do our part, and we say "effort" because sometimes is not easy to stand for this, to go shopping and to not bring home a whole pile of plastic home!

9. a plan to the future.
A small wood house in the middle of a green field! Can we have a lake? Farm animals? Can this be on Spring? ahahah  we know thats a bit romantic but we do want it!

Let us know…
10. a personality that influences you.
We don't really have any, we are influenced by everyone around us, everyone is made of special details.

11. a book you think everyone should read.
All. Reading is a an amazing travel, a newspaper or a novel when we are reading we are opening many doors to many worlds and no matter where the journey lead us is always worth it.

12. an unforgetable movie.
The first movie that we two saw on a cinema - "The Lion King"

13. a city to fall in love with.
It may be a cliché but we have to say Paris. We were there last December, impossible to do not fall in love!

14. a favorite food and drink.
Pasta! Every kind of pasta! We just love and we could eat pasta every day and every meal, we love italian food, with fresh ingredients and a lot of sauce, the ones that we love the most are the ones made by us, we like to do crazy combinations, fresh mushrooms and vegetables or just spaghetti with a strong smelly cheese! To go with a portuguese wine or a fresh fruit juice!

15. a guilty pleasure.
The answer is above :) we love food! We love to be around a table full of delicious stuff and take our time! Eating is just a great excuse to be around people we love, to have great conversations, to be romantic, to work, to relax, to anything!


  1. Mais uma coisa pela qual me apaixonei a partir deste blogue. Obrigado :))

    1. Eu é que agradeço a visita, Mariana! É sempre um prazer partilhar coisas bonitas :)

  2. Depois de ver a penúltima fotografia, ainda fiquei com mais vontade de ter o meu "Cooking"! À espera na minha wish list :)

    1. Faz sempre diferença vermos como as coisas são feitas, não é? E a técnica e o espaço de trabalho da Arminho são realmente fantásticos! Boa sorte com a wish list ;)


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