enough is enough, never enough

Friday, 5 October 2012

enough is enough, never enough

Aqui em Portugal hoje é feriado, mas no resto do mundo (suponho) trabalha-se.
O que interessa é que todos os dias são bons dias para ouvir música... e para dizer o que basta basta... ou talvez nunca baste.
Para ouvir enquanto se espera pela animação do fim-de-semana... espero que gostem!

Here in Portugal today is holiday, but in the rest of the world (I guess) it's a working day.
But what matters is that everyday is a good day to listen to music... and to say enough is enough... or maybe it's never enough.
To listen while waiting for the fun of the weekend to begin... enjoy!

01. Silent Shout | The Knife
02. Midnight City | M83
03. Of Moons, Birds & Monsters | MGMT
04. Feel the Love | Cut Copy
05. International Dateline | Ladytron
06. Me Plus One | Annie
07. Never Enough | Boris Dlugosch (feat. Roisin Murphy)
08. Barefoot Tonight | Miss Kittin

>> just press play


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