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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Hoje partilho convosco as palavras e o trabalho de María Elina, uma artista Argentina inspirada pela beleza da natureza e da mulher. O seu imaginário fantástico cruza o que temos de mais delicado e de mais selvagem... mas até as suas criaturas mais ferozes são doces e cativantes. Num mundo onde humanos e animais comunicam entre si, María Elina faz nascer cenários de sonho em ilustrações e acessórios. Leiam para saber mais!

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Por motivos óbvios de extensão e compreensão do texto, tanto pelos entrevistados como pelos potenciais leitores do resto do mundo, a entrevista segue em inglês.]

Today I share with you the words and work of María Elina, an Argentine artist inspired by the beauty of nature and women. Her fantastic imaginary puts together what we have of more delicate and savage... but even her most ferocious creatures are sweet and captivating. In a world where humans and animals communicate with each other, María Elina creates dreamy scenarios in illustrations and accessories. Read to learn more!

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María Elina
Buenos Aires - Argentina
site | blog | shop | Galeria Mar Dulce

1. Let’s pretend we don’t know each other and I’ve never heard about Maria Elina. Tell us a bit about yourself.
I´m a freelance illustrator, living in Buenos Aires- Argentina. I´m a mom of two beautiful children, three cats and an old dog Maga.

2. You’re an Image and Sound Designer that develops original illustration work. How was this creative passion born and what was the journey that led you here?
Yes, my work was always related with the visual arts, the photography and the scenery. I went on from the video to the theatre, and when arrived to scenery I entered to the workshop of drawing and painting so I realized that I love it! But later I realized that I wanted to draw my own things and stop drawing for others, so I resigned from the theatre and installed my own studio. From this moment on everything is happiness.

Los tomadores de sol en el Botánico
nena azul

3. Your work wanders between human and animal world, between mysterious little girls and some lovely little beasts. How are these compositions and characters born? What inspires you? Share your creative process with us.
From the beginning my favorite subjects were indeed “women”, I liked drawing women so much, because I love feminine universe, its sensitivity, and then the mix of something strong and sweet that women have, it is my interest, so I started to draw women mixed with wild animals - it gave me that sensation I had something sweet and hardly beast at the same time.
Another special subject was botany, I liked it so much too, I have many botany books, because my mother is an engineer, she went to the Agronomy University, and they studied with illustrated books! All of them are illustrated, and these illustrations are really amazing, with lots of details and a very delicate color, almost always water color and ink.
I think that these two subjects are still my favorite ones!
My creative process and inspiration is to look hundreds of times at books of plants, animals and photography, then some illustration is born.

4. Which mediums do you enjoy using in your illustration work, both physical and digital ones? Why?
I enjoy drawing with black pencil, and just a little acrylic colour.
I don´t use digital, only to correct some mistakes.
heart and lungs zinerevista minima

5. I love the way you turn your lovely illustrations into jewelry, bags, notebooks and more! How was this idea born? Would you share a favorite and a best seller with us?
When I started as a freelance illustrator I didn’t have lot of work, but I needed to work!!
Therefore I looked for a way of provide it to me and I found that I really love making my own illustrated objects and I use all of them!!! Between illustration orders for clients making my objects is a relaxed and funny time.


6. You divide your work between editorial and personal projects – what differs in your approach? What’s the type of commissioned work you prefer to do?
Mmm… I enjoy all kind of works, because they’re always about drawing, perhaps my personal projects do not have the pressure of the time... I really love all my work, I feel very lucky.

Suplemento ADN 19-11-11

7. You have a recognizable style and through your shops your creations travel all around the world! What means do you use to promote your work?
I use all the means as possible!! Social networks, newsletters, galleries. I spend about two hours a day to update my sites, to answer all the mails and to promote each object I create. I think that there is no another way, you must be active all the time!

8. Would you give us a glimpse of your working space? Describe it and tell us what you love most about it.
My working space is a beautiful studio at home, it is so comfortable, and I´m at home always! I adore this.

9. Would you share with us a regular day at work?
I get up early in the morning, take my children to the school, come back home, where I have my workshop and draw, draw, draw until four o'clock in the afternoon. The rest of the day also I draw! but in a different way, alternating with other activities, like taking care of my family, but I draw all the time!

10. I know that you’re a close friend of Flor from Sweet Bestiary, who was also a guest of mine in this series, and that you both admire each other’s work! So I got curious: would you share some of your favorite artists with us?
I love Flor’s work! She is so delicate and creative, she is amazing! And I have lot of favorite artists, a long list!... I think in Julia Pott , Sarah macNeil, Lizzy Stewart, I love Carmen Segovia and Sonia Pulido! Ana Ventura, Camilla Engman, these are the most important but the list goes on, everyday I find out a new amazing artist!

11. Besides creating, what else are you passionate about doing?
Reading books, looking at antique children illustrated books, playing with my little sons Lola and Mateo, I love to draw with them, children have great ideas!!!


12. You live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Tell us a bit about the place where you live and what you love most about it. Would you like to live anywhere else one day?
Buenos Aires is a great place now, there is lot of places of art and design, like galleries, wonderful bookstores, there is very much movement and young people doing things, illustration, design, music, alternative art fairs, I love Buenos Aires. And my house is in a lovely place, calm and full of trees.

13. If you could live in any historical era of your choice, what would it be? Why?
Mmm, I don´t know… the fifties perhaps, but only for the beautiful dresses!!!


14. What advices would you give to someone who would also want to become an illustrator?
I think that everything that you really wish, you can do it. When I understood this I started to be happy and patient.

15. What are your plans for the future? And your most unrealistic dreams?
First of all on march my first own show at a gallery with another amazing illustrator, who is also my sweet boyfriend, Cristian Turdera, it will be perfect! Then my first album “El color de la nieve” written by Matilde Méndez, will be published by Adriana Hidalgo editor, and always keep learning.


Now a quick question and answer game so we can find a bit more about you and your tastes!
Tell us one:

book: Arbol de Diana – Alejandra Pizarnik
music: Chavela Vargas
movie: The last at the Cinema “Pina”, by Wim Wenders about Pina Bausch
personality/artist: Frida Kahlo
color: green / pink
object: any paper
animal: bear
drink: water
food: meat
season of the year: Autumn
travel destination: Uruguay
piece of clothing: dress
secret: I can´t say that shh

Thank you for sharing your dream world with us María!

And if you're lucky enough to be around Buenos Aires, don't miss the exhibition Amos del Jardín at Galeria Mar Dulce. The opening will be on March 17th and you'll be able to admire works by María Elina and Cristian Turdera, featuring their marvelous imaginary full of mystery... I wish I could be there!

[works at the exhibition by Cristian Turdera and María Elina]


  1. oh so wonderful, I have been an admirer of María Elina´s work for a long time!

  2. What can i say..Love your work!!
    Keep doing ur wonderful arts.

  3. What a pleasure to pass by you and find this interview. I learn about Maria Elina now and like her Art Works. Simply Great!!!



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