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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Hoje o que partilho convosco é beleza pura. Anna Aden, a nossa convidada, é uma jovem fotógrafa sueca, apaixonada por fotografia, pintura e vastas planícies. Olhar para um fotografia de Anna é viajar para outro mundo, onde a atmosfera que nos envolve está algures perto da perfeição. Deliciem-se. Desvendem. Leiam.

[Este post pertence à rubrica semanal {the interview series}, onde publico uma nova entrevista todas as quartas-feiras, com artistas e bloggers inspiradores que admiro, de acordo com o espírito handmade e um estilo de vida criativo. Tornem-se fãs no facebook e não percam nada!
Por motivos óbvios de extensão e compreensão do texto, tanto pelos entrevistados como pelos potenciais leitores do resto do mundo, a entrevista segue em inglês.]

Today I share with you pure beauty. Anna Aden, our guest, is a young Swedish photographer with a passion for photography, painting and large open fields. Looking at a photo taken by Anna is like traveling to another world, where the atmosphere that surrounds us is somewhere near perfection. Indulge yourself. Unravel. Read along.

[This post belongs to the weekly feature {the interview series} where I publish a new interview every wednesday with inspiring artists and bloggers I admire, according to the spirit of handmade and a creative lifestyle. Become a facebook fan and don't miss a bit!]

Anna Ådén | Photographer
Umeå, northern Sweden
site | blog

1. Let’s pretend we don’t know each other and I’ve never heard about Anna Ådén. Tell us a bit about yourself.
I'm a 25 year old photographer from Sweden, with a great passion for photography, and I feel so happy to have it as my job as well.

2. You’re a young freelance photographer specialized in art and portraits. How and when was this creative passion born?
It's born out of my big need of disappearing into worlds where creativity takes me. My interest to portray things I experienced has always been there, whether it's about to paint, write lyrics or play an intrument, and on that road photography has naturally taken its place.

3. You create fine art photography and portrait photography too. Which one gives you more pleasure to do?
Difficult choice. I like the special meeting that occurs when I photograph someone. Even when I do more fine art photos I want a person in it, or at least a strong sense of someone's presence.

4. Your photo series are absolutely stunning! You manage to capture an unique atmosphere that turns your photos into incredible compositions between reality and dream. How are they born? Would you share your creative process with us?
Thank you! My creative process, from concept to the finished result is very simple.
I like simplicity, and try not to plan so much, instead I focusing on being attentive to the surroundings when I'm photographing something.

5. The light, the scenario, the characters, the framework… your beautiful photographs almost look like paintings. Is this intentional, do you feel influenced by painting? Would you share some artists and things that inspire you with us?
Yes I would definitely say I am. Besides taking photographs, I love to paint, and they have the same source of inspiration.
I'm very fascinated by the swedish artist John Bauer's dark fairy tale forests, and the quiet mood of Andrew Wyeth's paintings.

6. Tell us now about the beautiful places you choose to photograph: they sometimes look untouched natural places and other times minimalist inhabited spaces. Do you think that the place where you live influences directly your work?
It surely does. I'm lucky to have all those beautiful places near. To me, nothing can be more inspiring than a large open field, the woods, a horizon or just a quiet and peaceful room.

7. I believe it must be very difficult to capture the personality of a person in portrait photography, but you accomplish it in such a personal way! Would you share with us the biggest challenges you face?
I believe that me as a photographer have to have an emotional presence, otherwise it will never be a good result. My biggest challenge is to photograph people I never met before, to quickly get an idea of the person and create a safe environment.

This one below is a picture of my sister and one of my personal favorites. I'm convinced it has a lot to do with my emotional present when it was taken.

8. How about your self-portraits? (I can’t resist adding that you’re beautiful!) How is it like to be on the other side of the camera?
Aw, thanks. I've began to appreciate my own availability lately, haha.
I enjoy taking self portraits, because of the fact that I know exactly what feeling I'm looking for to create.

9. Would you share some useful tips with us, non-professional photographers, who would like to learn a bit more and make the most of our cameras while traveling or working?
Trust your own feeling and not so much on what is "right". Focus on developing your own visual language, instead of filling the camera bag with expensive equipment. Don't be afraid to experiment and be patient!

10. Would you give us a glimpse of your working space? Describe it and tell us what you love most about it.
I have no special place where I sit down and work, but it can look something like this. Add a computer and a lot's of empty coffee cups.

11. Besides photographing, what do you love most doing?
Laugh with someone about something that is hysterically funny, and take it so far that it becomes impossible to stop.

12. You live in Umeå, northern Sweden. How is it like living there? Would you like to live anywhere else one day?
It's a warm and cozy town with a rich cultural life, which I appreciate. But I'm not really a city-person. I can see myself in a house somewhere out on the countryside among animals and fresh air, but not too isolated.

13. If you could live in any historical era of your choice, what would it be? Why?
Maybe late 60's early 70's, but I feel quite satisfied here and now.

14. What advices would you give to someone who would also like to become a photographer?
Follow your own vision, and work hard for it.

15. What are your plans for the future? And your most unrealistic dreams?
Continue to develop my company and myself as an artist. All my dreams are pretty unrealistic, that's why I love the ability to dream.

Now a quick question and answer game so we can find a bit more about you and your tastes! Tell us one:

book: Too many favorites
music: Same here. Joni Mitchell, Mark Knopfler, Eric Bibb, just to name a few I've listen a lot to lately
movie: Movies with poetic and imaginative themes. I'm also weak for classical love dramas and nature documentary
personality/artist: John Bauer, Andrew Wyeth and the list goes on and on
color: The more the better
object: My old tree house out in the woods, I guess my pictures reveals it a bit
animal: I like all kinds of animals, especially those with a calm temperament
drink: Coffee, I drink at least five cups a day
food: Sweets
season of the year: Every season has its charm, but I would have to say autumn
travel destination: As long as I end up near the sea or large open fields, I'm happy
piece of clothing: Lots of layers
secret: I learned to ride a bike when I was 3 years old

Thank you so much for sharing all this beauty with us Anna!


  1. Such beautiful photographs, words seem to small to describe the feelings they evoke. thank you for a great interview and the introduction of a wonderful artist :-)

  2. Trully inspiring! Thanks for introducing Anna to us!

  3. her work is inspirational.... thanks for introduucing her to us! :D


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