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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Chegou o dia de lançar a tão aguardada novidade... depois de algum tempo de reflexão e preparação decidi-me a lançar uma rubrica semanal que já tenho vontade de começar há muito! Chama-se {the interview series} e significa que uma vez por semana, às Quartas-Feiras, irei publicar uma entrevista realizada a um artista ou blogger que admiro. Espero que fiquem curiosos e acompanhem todas as semanas!
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Esta série não podia começar melhor... hoje trago-vos Sandra Juto, uma ilustradora e designer gráfica sueca que se mudou recentemente para Berlim. Admiro tanto o seu trabalho como o seu blog - uma imensa e constante fonte de inspiração!
Nesta entrevista Sandra partilha alguns dos seus gostos e paixões, como o crochet, a fotografia e os passeios de descoberta pela nova cidade onde vive... leiam para saber mais!

(Por motivos óbvios de extensão e compreensão do texto, tanto pelos entrevistados como pelos potenciais leitores do resto do mundo, a entrevista segue em inglês.)

It came the day to launch the long awaited new series... after a long time of reflection and preparation I decided to launch a weekly blog series that I have long wanted to start! It's called {the interview series}, which means that once a week, on every Wednesday, I'll publish an interview to an artist or blogger I admire. I hope that you get curious and follow every week!
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This series couldn't have a better start... Today I bring you Sandra Juto, a Swedish illustrator and graphic designer who recently moved to Berlin. I admire her work as much as her blog - a huge and constant source of inspiration!

In this interview, Sandra shares some of her tastes and passions, such as crochet, photography and the walks around this new city she chose to live in... but read along to know more!

Sandra Juto
Berlin, Germany
site | blog | shop | wrist worms

1. Let’s pretend we don’t know each other and I’ve never heard about Sandra Juto. Tell us a bit about yourself.
Hi! I’m Sandra, nice to meet you! I’m curious about knowing more about you, I get kind of nervous talking about myself but end up babbling quite a lot anyway.

2. You describe yourself as an artist, illustrator and graphic designer. How these artistic activities intersect?
It depends on what work I’m doing at the moment, sometimes it’s personal work and sometimes it’s client work – I don’t really reflect over which kind it is, but I have given that description for others to understand a bit more of what I do.

3. Your illustrations show us a singular way to look at the world… you invent curious characters and use collage often. Would you share with us your creative process?
I “just do”. I try not to think too much, because if I do I end up feeling anxious about my work.

4. You also have a passion for crochet and have a special place dedicated to your lovely wrist worms. How and when was this passion born?
I started crochet when I was just a few years old, my grandmother and mother used to crochet quite a lot and they taught me how to. The Wrist Worms were born some years ago when my husband asked me if I could make him a pair of wristwarmers. I had knitted quite a few pairs before that and wanted to try if crochet would work – and it did.

5. You’re a published artist and your creations travel all around the world! What means do you use to promote your work?
My blog is where I post about what I do and make etc. You can see that as my way of promoting, although I try not to post about my products too often because I don’t like blogs who are there to promote products and sell sell sell.

6. You recently moved from Gothenburg, Sweden, to Berlin, Germany. Why did you pick this city? Would you tell us a bit about the lifestyle and your favorite places in Berlin?
I’ve always loved Berlin and wanted to move here for many years before I finally did, I was happy to meet a man who shares my love for this city. Berlin is so great, it doesn’t suck up to you – it’s like a big mess that says “Welcome, come as you are and let me be as I am”. I love Karl-Marx-Allee for its amazing huge russian buildings and if you’re a fan of breakfast, don’t miss the “Private weekend brunch” at Aunt Benny, Jessnerstrasse, Friedrichshain.

7. Could you describe us one of your regular days?
I don’t have any regular days, I need variety to have fun and be happy.

8. Do you think that the time and place where you live have great influence in your work? Would you like to live anywhere else in the future?
Yes, I’m sure it has, but it’s more a state of mind of course affected by the place I am. For now I plan to stay in Berlin for many years, but it would be nice to live in NY for a while, as well as Italy.

9. I read in your blog that you’re in love with the house you rented in Berlin and that you and Johan have been working on it, since it was in quite a bad shape. Would you tell us why you love it so much and about your decor choices for it?
As we both stepped into the apartment (which we went looking at for fun to compare with the others we had seen) we both looked at eachother and said “I’m in love!” – it feels like an apartment version of a house I love where my grandfather grew up. It’s big (100 sqm) with high ceilings (3.5 metres), big over 110 years old windows and no room have right angles. I just saw so many possibilites and no one else wanted this place so we got it.

10. Do you already have a working space in your new home? Would you describe your ideal working space?
Not yet, but right now I am painting the floor there. I had a studio for a year in Gothenburg, but being there I always missed my home, so now I’ve decided to work from home as long as it feels right. My ideal working space is an inspired brain.

11. If you could live in any historical era of your choice, what would it be? Why?
I’m so glad about here and now. Would have been in Berlin in the 1920’s though, so much fun going on and so much style.

12. Reading your blog I get overwhelmed, not only by your work, but also by your beautiful photos. I know photography is another passion of yours and I bet you always carry a camera with you! I must ask: you prefer digital or analogue? What do you enjoy most photographing: the city, the people, the details of everyday life?... Any advices you would share?
Thank you! The last year I’ve been leaving my camera at home pretty often, because I like to walk around without carrying anything. Lately I’ve been taking lots of pictures with my mobile phone because of this. I love analogue photography the most. Taking pictures has helped me look at the world in a different way, my eyes are always searching for something “beautiful” or interesting or extraordinary ugly everywhere I go. Taking pictures is calming for me and I love the little details around. I don’t know anything about photography really, so my advice is to “just do it”. It hasn’t got much to do with what camera you are using, it’s the eye.

13. I can see that your work is like a natural extension of your lifestyle, I’m I right? But what else are you passionate about doing?
I am passionate about everything I do, otherwise I don’t do it. If I don’t feel passion, for example doing the laundry – I make something up that makes me feel passionate, like go for a coffee while waiting or something else big or small.

14. What advices would you give to someone who would also like to become an artist/illustrator?
Work hard, have fun, find “your” style, don’t develop expensive habits.

15. What are your plans for the future? And your most unrealistic dreams?
In a way it feels like I’m living in my future, because I never thought I would reach my “unrealistic dreams” at this age. I live in the city of my dreams, in an apartment I could have never dreamed of, with a husband who feels the same way about it. At the moment I don’t really know what to dream of, because it feels in a way like I am dreaming. So strange and so wonderful.

Now some quick question and answer game so we can find a bit more about you and your tastes!
Tell us one:

book: kafka on the shore / haruki murakami
music: pet shop boys
movie: let the right one in (the swedish version)
personality/artist: my sister who’s studying to become an upholsterer
color: dirty white
object: my iphone (hahaha!)
animal: any who wants to cuddle with me
drink: dry martini
food: homemade
season of the year: the inbetween seasons
travel destination: italy
piece of clothing: beret
secret: I don’t have any

It was great interviewing you, Sandra, thank you!



  1. fantástico, uma excelente ideia e que começa com uma artista que sigo há já algum tempo e que admiro muito o seu trabalho.
    adorei conhecer o apartamento:)

  2. muito bem Ana! parabéns pela nova rubrica e pelo primeiro entrevistado...vou esperar ansiosamente todas as semanas:)

  3. que bom é poder conhecer um pouco mais da sandra que já seguia no flickr!
    adorei a ideia Ana!

  4. Una boa ideia!! Legue no seu blog a partir do link do Blog da Sandra Juto. E acho que voce ha também un bonito blog!

  5. Excelente ideia com uma entrevistada cinco estrelas! Parabéns!*

  6. excelente! a artista (sou fã). o blogue, passei a ser! :)
    parabéns! *

  7. Great job. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Nice interview!
    Her apartment sounds neat!
    Could I live in Berlin too please?

  9. Great interview!
    Thank you.

  10. Mille grazie! I have been following Sandra's blog for a few months and had so many questions I wanted answers to delivered in this great interview. Many thanks - I look forward to learning about more inspirational people in the coming weeks!


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