{flickr favorites} everyday life

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

{ flickr favorites } everyday life

Hoje percorri os meus favoritos no flickr e decidi conjugar algumas imagens suaves e delicadas, dedicadas a momentos simples da vida do dia-a-dia... são pausas, reflexões, momentos e espaços... da vida que apetece viver, captada por excelentes fotógrafos e artistas. Cliquem nos links e fiquem a descobrir quem são.

Mais mosaicos aqui.


Today I traveled around my favorites on flickr and decided to combine some soft and gentle images, devoted to simple moments of everyday life... they are pauses, reflections, moments and spaces... of the life you feel like living, captured by some great photographers and artists. Click on the links and find out who they are.

More mosaics here.



  1. Beautiful mosaic! Thanks for sharing, you know what they say: life is what happens when we make other plans... It happens more often than it should.

  2. You gathered some beautiful images of everyday's life!

  3. the little things of each days are mostly the best things to remember...

  4. This is so pretty, I love the dog picture :)

  5. Such a calm mosaic - it makes me go sit on the couch and relax for the rest of the evening. I think I actually will as work made me tired today! ;)

  6. que blog giro!
    adorei as imagens!

  7. Great idea. I would love to have a day like this. Mine mostly includes some chaos and hurry.


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