{monday moodboard} romantic filigree

Monday, 9 August 2010

{ monday moodboard } romantic filigree

1. Kimi necklace , $19.50, by anapinatelier
2. Swirl Tree - Leather Journal , $47, by Kreativlink
3. Bohemian White earrings in Sterling Silver , $21, by fleurfatale
4. Rough red garnet ring, $82, by Jealousydesign

O novo Kimi necklace combina na perfeição com tons de bronze e verde, mas também com tons terra e rosa velho. É sempre uma agradável surpresa descobrir combinações entre peças da galeria das criações de artistas europeus no etsy! Vejam mais aqui.


The new Kimi necklace combines perfectly with shades of brass and green, but with earthy tones and deep pink as well. It's always a pleasant surprise to find combinations of pieces from the gallery of European artists on etsy! Check out some more here.



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