{flickr favorites} emptiness... loneliness

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

{ flickr favorites } emptiness... loneliness

Porque às vezes as imagens transmitem mais do que as palavras que sobre elas possamos escrever...

[A primeira foto foi tirada por mim, no Alentejo. E a propósito deste tema encontrei um grupo muito interessante no Flickr... visitem.]

Mais mosaicos repletos de vazio e solidão aqui.


Because sometimes images say more than the words we can write about them...

[The first photo was taken by me, in Alentejo. And by the way I found a very interesting group on Flickr around this theme... take a look.]

More empty and lonely mosaics here.


  1. indeed... this pictures speak for themself...

  2. Ana! I love your words...they are so true. And I love the images that you've chosen this week - each so perfect!

  3. Love your selection, every single photo speaks volumes! beautiful and so emotional!

  4. I second Clair on that. I love the picture of the pier!

  5. very nice, love the dock. Especially this week, the pictures speak volumes.

  6. Fabulous mosaic, another empty chair :)

  7. Wow.. every picture tells a different story. Beautifully put together.


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