{flickr favorites} unstable

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

{ flickr favorites } unstable

Instável - é assim que o tempo tem estado por aqui. Ora faz um calor insuportável, ora chove... não me agrada. Prefiro uma Primavera de dias amenos e plenos de luz, que fazem adivinhar a proximidade do Verão.

(E às vezes a instável sou só eu...)

Mais mosaicos aqui.


Unstable - that is how the weather has been here. Either is an unbearable heat, either it rains... I don't like it. I prefer a warm spring, with days full of light, that make us guess the proximity of summer.

(And sometimes the unstable is just me...)

More mosaics at Mitsy's.


  1. Here also in Italy but now the sun has arrived!!
    beautiful finds!

  2. Isn't it funny how we are never happy with the weather, it affects our moods so much! Unstable weather makes me feel antsy, the heat of the summer so lazy! Love your mosaic:)

  3. Yes, it's true Alex!
    The weather affects me too... that's way I prefer happy and light sunny days ;)

  4. It's the same here, Ana! I think the weather has been acting really strange lately. I can't wait for the normal warm days so I can walk barefoot and sit outside without sweating my bum off! ;)

  5. It's funny but the first thing I thought of on seeing your mosaic was autumn!

  6. It'so intense!
    Lovely your "flickr fv"...

  7. The same here!! Yesterday morning we were in summer, yesterday afternoon we were in winter!
    Beautiful mosaic!

  8. Same here!!! Perfect weather for getting a flu, because it is hot and cold and hot....


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