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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Impossível ouvir a música do início de Closer e não ficar hipnotizado.
Gostei do primeiro ábum "O", mas foi com "9" que me rendi completamente. Obcecada cheguei a ouvi-lo vezes e dias seguidos... absorvendo os poemas e a voz.
As músicas de Damien Rice são introspectivas, intimistas e muito, muito tocantes... para ouvir nos auscultadores, sem perturbações.

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Impossible to hear the music from the beginning of Closer and not get hypnotized.
I liked the first album "O", but it was with "9" that I surrendered completely. Obsessed with it, I heard it almost in repeat... absorbing the poems and the voice.
Damien Rice's songs are introspective, intimate and very, very moving... made to be listened on headphones, without interruptions.

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  1. I loved O and then never got round to listening to 9...that's terrible of me, I know! I will give it a listen at once :P


  2. You should really listen to 9! I also neglected it for a while, but when I gave it a carefull listen I fell in love... :)


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