{ flickr favorites } thunder

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

{ flickr favorites } thunder

1. Kansas Storm Clouds, 2. Dante's Inferno @ Rush Valley, Utah,

3. Foudre sur la plaine - Lightning plain, 4. Thunder above Madeira waters

Chuva. Trovões. Relâmpagos.
Olhando lá para fora não é difícil perceber em que me inspirei para o mosaico desta semana...

Mais aqui.

E... não seria interessante aprender algo todos os dias?


Rain. Thunder. Lightning.
Looking outside it's not difficult to realize what inspired me for this week's mosaic...

More here.

And... wouldn't it be interesting to learn something every day?


  1. So we are all having terrible weather. Hope you are not close to the areas affected by the storms in Portugal!

  2. I love lightening and rain and all that jazz! I preferably have it when we are out camping and we can snuggle in our tent... I'm crazy, I know! ;)

  3. Oh, I cannot wait for summer thunderstorms! Just another thing to look forward to.

  4. Uhhhh bad weather in Portugal!!!!
    Are you close to the affected area?

  5. Yes, there was a tragedy in Madeira, which is an island around the country's coast, great destruction and several dead...:( I'm far, in Porto (a city in the mainland), but we're having some bad weather around here... fortunately, though it's still a grey day, today seems much better.

    Thank you for your concern!

  6. I'm a bit of a storm junkie myself and living in the Midwest (not far from Kansas) in the US means that weather gets pretty interesting (and sometimes pretty fast!). So, I just LOVE your choices, especially the storm cloud picture!!


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