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Monday, 1 February 2010

Às vezes sabe bem escolher só cores suaves e claras, tecidos soltos e confortáveis, onde não pode faltar um toque feminino. Ultimamente, quando não visto saia, uso quase sempre calças de ganga, mas gosto de variar nos modelos e tons... as calças justas ficam bem com peças soltas e descontraidas, em que apetece adivinhar as formas que escondem.
No calçado permito-me sonhar um pouco, porque nunca conseguiria andar com estes tacões! Mas confesso que esta moda de botas e sapatos abertos para usar de Inverno, me atrai bastante... a vocês não?

Mais moda aqui.


Sometimes feels good to choose soft and light colors, loose and comfortable fabrics, in which cannot miss a feminine touch. Lately, when I don't wear skirt, I almost always wear jeans, but I like to vary the model and the tone... the tight ones look good with loose and relaxed clothing, the ones that feel like guessing the shapes that they hide.
These shoes allow me to dream a little, because I could never walk in these heels! But I admit that this peep toe boots and shoes fashion for winter attracts me a lot... how about you?

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  1. Love the outfit, especially the sweater. And the shoes are great, but I couldn't walk in them either. To dream.

  2. Peep toe boots are def big on my imaginary wishlist this year. I just wished they did them in flats, I can walk in them, but anything higher than an inch and I look like a giant compared to everyone else!

    The cardi matched with the jeans is such a great look and with that cute purse...extra special.



  3. I love these layers! They look so cozy, but the shoes give the whole outfit a really chic style. I would wear an outfit like this everyday in the winter (but I can't walk in the heels either!)

  4. I love gold. I do, I do, I do and this is no exception. I too wish I was one of those girls that could walk around in heels all the time. Does anyone know how they do it?? Is there a secret to doing so? Anyway this outfit looks so warm and comfy but yet so stylish. I give it an A+.

  5. Those heels are amazing! Though, the adorable sweater seems more my speed. Who am I kidding, I'll take both!

  6. Sorry for not coming to take a look yesterday. I thought I would be back home in time, but no chance to log on before now. So sorry!

    I love the combination you've chosen. It looks so chic for spring, but also warm and cozy. The boots are killer!!! :)


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