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Monday, 22 February 2010

O casaco é, sem dúvida, uma das minhas peças de vestuário favoritas. Falta-me um destes na colecção - o intemporal que se adapta a todas as idades e sobrepõe o ar de menina a qualquer toilette mais arrojada...

Mais aqui.

>> in english

The coat is undoubtedly one of my favorite clothing pieces. I have none like this one in my collection - the timeless duffle coat that fits all ages and turns the boldest outfit into the innocent girl's look...

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  1. I just got myself a cute red jacket (not duffle, but close enough) and a pair of black jeans :) You are channeling my inner fashion style.

  2. oooh, I love that collection!

  3. Completely stylish. I think my next winter coat will be a duffle, maybe even a red one!


  4. I love duffle coats and this one is the perfect colour. Very classy. I'm also now coveting that red top. Gorgeous! x

  5. You cannot go wrong with a duffle coat! This one is especially nice. Such a strong stylish color. I love those boots, too.


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