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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

{ flickr favorites } grey

1. Lichens on grey siltstone, 2. Under a grey sky,

Hoje tem sido um dia cinzento. Ainda não choveu, mas a ameaça é constante. Não está propriamente frio, mas a temperatura não é confortável para um passeio ao ar livre... Mas o cinzento é uma cor bela: não é branco nem é preto, mas tem a sua própria personalidade - e consegue servir de base a imagens marcantes, como se pode ver no mosaico que criei esta semana...

Vejam mais mosaicos aqui.


Today has been a grey day. Still no rain, but the threat is constant. Not exactly cold, but the temperature is not comfortable for a walk outside... But grey is a beautiful color: it's not white, it's not black, but it has its own personality - and it surely can origin striking images, as shown in the mosaic I created this week...

Check out more mosaics here!


  1. great photos! especially the one with bikes -- grey against/with the red..

  2. I think it's my favorite too :)

  3. My favorite is definately the one with the grey and mustard colored lichen! I love your mosaics so thank you so much for playing!

  4. beautiful!

    I really like your blog and noticed you have a etsy shop too!
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    I need them by Dec.1st!
    Those that help me out will also be featured on my blog for the whole month of December.

    How cool is that?

    You can see more about it on my blog here...

    or send me a note with any questions...thanks!


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