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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

{ flickr favorites } coffee

Há momentos em que sabe bem fazer uma pausa para um café. Não necessariamente pelo café, mas pelo pretexto de parar e repor energias para começar de novo...

Agora podia ser um desses momentos em que digo stop, embora não me apeteça carregar no play a seguir... Façamos o café demorar.

Acompanhem o jogo { flickr favorites } no blog da Mitsy.


Sometimes it feels good to take a break for a coffee. Not necessarily for the coffee, but for the excuse to stop and restore energies to start over...
Now could be one of those moments when I want to say stop, although I do not feel like clicking on play afterwards... Let us just make this coffee last.

Keep up with { flickr favorites } game in Mitsy's blog.


  1. Love the smell of fresh coffee, the taste not so much :)

  2. the bottom left picture is fantastic!

  3. Jip, it's great to stop and pause for a bit! Thanks for reminding me! :)

  4. A coffee - pause is a wonderful way to recharge the batteries!!
    Beautiful mosaic!

  5. you are so right! makes me stop to think instead of making the coffee and rushing off to do something else while it happens, I should take the moment to breathe and relax!


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