{ flickr favorites } the end

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

{ flickr favorites } the end

1. In the end, 2. you're the only one I'd be with till the end,

3. The Lighthouse at the end of the world, 4. the end

O fim... do mês de Agosto, das férias, da ausência de horários e das tardes passadas de olhos fechados a apanhar sol.
Outros começos virão...

Querem jogar? Acompanhem aqui.


The end ... of August, vacation, lack of schedules and afternoons spent with my eyes closed beneath the sun.
More beginnings shall come...

Want to play? Check out more mosaics here.


  1. Isn't this just a beautiful mosaic? I love how you portayed summer and fun fading away...
    Hope it was a nice one! :)

  2. It was nice indeed!
    But vacation never last too long... :)

  3. I ADORE THIS MOSAIC! Beautiful! Love the contrast and mix of colours, themes!!


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