{ flickr favorites } autumn

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

{ flickr favorites } autumn

1. 2º acto - descubriendo el otoño,

2. When autumn leaves start to fall,

3. Red leaves, 4. Twins!

Chegou. Aqui ainda se sente tempo de Verão, mas o calendário não engana. O Outono chegou, em breve cairão as folhas.

Acompanha mais mosaicos no blog da Mitsy.


It arrived. Still feels like Summer here, but the calendar doesn't lie. Autumn arrived and soon the leaves will fall.

Follow the game in Mitsy's blog.


  1. I love the photos you chose. Makes me think of New York.
    Central Park in autumn, colorful leaves, a warm light through the trees and a sax playing some sweet notes in the air.....

  2. I love the red leaves and indeed it does not feel like fall just yet but it will soon! I can't wait to go sit on that chair and smell and feel fall! :)

  3. Oooh... I'd love to visit New York!


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